Giving to the Horn Memorial Hospital Foundation

Your charitable gift is an investment in your community and yourself. The act of giving expresses your concern and involvement. The joy and personal satisfaction you receive is priceless.

Gifts can take the form of:

Direct Gifts: Your gift can be made in cash, insurance policies, real estate, stocks, bonds, grain or livestock.
     -A major gift given while you are living will allow you to see the benefits it provides today.
     -Income Tax advantages may be realized.
     -Capital Gains Taxes on appreciated investments may be eliminated.

Wills: Some people like to provide major gifts through their wills. This option can be explored with your attorney.

Memorials: This option provides a special way to ensure that a loved one, friend, or business associate is remembered through a gift that benefits the healthcare of many.

Life Insurance Gifts: Naming the HMH Foundation as your designated beneficiary is a way to leave a considerable gift.

Charitable Trust: Gifts are made by the transfer of property into a trust, to benefit the Foundation through periodic distributions.

Lead Trust: This is an immediate income interest on a property that is contributed to the HMH Foundation for a certain number of years or the life or lives of an individual or individuals. The remaining interest is either retained by the donor or given to another beneficiary.

Remainder Trust: This is an asset given to the Foundation in the future with current interest retained by the individual or given to another beneficiary.

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1. Mapleton

412 Main Street
Mapleton, IA 51034

2. Ida Grove

701 East Second Street
Ida Grove, IA 51445

3. Odebolt

300 South Maple
Odebolt, IA 51458