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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Outpatient service is approved and ordered by physician.

Purpose - To help patients with heart disease return to their optimal level of function physically and psychologically as well as enhance their quality of life.

Eligible Participants - Individuals who have been treated medically or surgically for atherosclerosis and other types of heart disease. Includes heart attack, heart surgery, balloon or stenting procedure or angina.

Program Description

Attend rehabilitation three times a week for 4-12 weeks
Cardiac Rehab nurses are present and do continuous ECG monitoring.

Exercise segment includes: warm-ups, physical exercise based on individualized exercise prescription, and cool downs.

Education Segment: topics offered during sessions include risk factor modifications, nutrition, weight control, stress management and relaxation, medication information, home exercise, safety, smoking cessation, and heart disease.

Cardiac Rehab is billed to Medicare or Private Insurances.

Cardiac Maintenance

Purpose - Secondary prevention and maintenance of exercise and lifestyle changes.

Eligible Participant Requirements

Patients who have completed Phase II may enter directly with a physicians order
If a Rehab patient hasn't participated for more than three months, they must see their physician to get permission
If participant has had an acute event, they must see their physician before returning to rehab

Exercise Sessions

Intended to be an independent program allowing patients to do warm ups and cool downs by yourself
Exercise segment per usual routine in Phase II - must have an established exercise prescription
Blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen level if indicated and weight will be checked

Cardiac Maintenance is NOT COVERED by Medicare, Medicaid or Private Insurances. It is a Private Pay program, which is billed monthly.

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